From the deployment of electric mobility to the development of an adaptative infrastructure, including the design of a viable and advantageous model, BienVEnu is a project with many faces and many diverse objectives. Read below to know more!

Facilitating electric mobility and accessibility to charging stations.

BienVEnu offers an alternative to at-work or city-center charging, making electric mobility more easily reachable by making charging points available at home. Pre-equipping one’s parking lot is granting people access to tomorrow’s vehicle! Incidentally, it’s also about creating a conversation new around sharing habits, energy consumption, financial savings and mobility for all.


Working towards better air quality.

In a Region such as Île-de-France, where the issue of air quality and pollution is recurrent, BienVEnu will evaluate the difference of CO2 production with or without the installed infrastructures.


Offering a service at a reasonable price.

BienVEnu offers (future) EV users a true financial opportunity: the BienVEnu promotional offer, along with the price difference between thermal and electric cars, make this solution particularly attractive.


Developing a viable economical and commercial model.

The economical, environmental and social aspects are an integral part of the experimentation. BienVEnu plans to build an economical model around the deployment of private and public EV recharge in collective housing. This model will allow, amongst other things, the optimization of the infrastructure costs and other associated costs.


Give French industry a competitive advantage on the European market.

By normalizing the system and its components and especially the communication processes between EVs and stations, BienVEnu will allow French companies to position themselves competitively.



Designing a « smart » recharging system.

An algorithm will be developed to manage EV charging, integrating the needs and user requirements. The system facilitates the insertion of EVs on the grid, by controlling the impact on the network and the subscribed power. And that results in an optimized infrastructure (and invoice!).


Developing a modular infrastructure.

The BienVEnu installation is built around the concept of « charging clusters ». It’s an open-ended system that groups several charging stations together and can easily be expanded.


Constructing lasting models.

BienVEnu guaranties the sustainability and scalability of the equipment thanks to regular exchanges and an open dialogue with R&D thorough the project. A behavioral analysis will also be conducted during the project in order to accompany and guide residents in these new practices, and ensure that the project meets the needs of all parties.

Supported by ADEME (French Agency for Environment and Energy Control) under the “Investments for the Future” program and by the Ile-de-France Region.

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