Electric mobility: 2016 overview

With close to 22 000 registrations in France in 2016, electric mobility sets a new record.
Published on 10/01/2017

Registration of EVs in 2016


Record for number of EV registrations this year

22 000 EV registrations in 2016, that’s close to 30% more than 2015. A notable record for the electric market, which keeps on going, slowly but surely, and to settle into the national car fleet. In 2015, EV sales (excluding utiliary sales) represented 0.9% of the total sales. In 2016, it’s reached 1.08%, a quite significant evolution.


A market dominated by Renault’s Zoe

Out of 21 751 units registered, Renault’s Zoé represents almost 50% of the sales, with more than 11 000 vehicles sold (you can find one of those at the SNI Ile de France residence!). Directly after the Zoe is the Nissan Leaf, with a nice progression of almost 4000 cars sold (75% more than in 2015). The two leaders are followed by BMW i, Peugeot, et Kia.


 The Leaf car like you've never seen it before, and the "Mondial de l'Automobile" in October of 2016.


From 184 to 22 000… a substantial evolution

In 2010, according to the AVERE, we could count 184 EV registered. A number so small it would almost be negligeable, if not for the fact that it allows us to take a step back and look at the amazing progress electric mobility has made in the past few years. A gap as big as 66 000 electric vehicles separates 2010 from 2016: a pretty considerable number.

This change can be explained many ways. The slow and steady acceptation of the public towards new mobility uses, sales supported by ecological bonuses, multiplication of the models, constant technological progress… But another big part of it is the multiplication of charging points, making it easier for users to move safely and comfortably.


Charging stations installed in 2016 in France 


16 000 public charging points installed in 2016

In addition to private charging points – for example those installed as part of the BienVEnu offer! – Gireve counts 15 800 additional charging points this year, divided onto more than 5000 stations.

Unsurprisingly, counting them shows us that the Ile de France region is still the better approvisioned region with more than 7000. But, as the AVERE explains, the repartition finds a better balance once it’s done according to population. « 13 territories have more than 40 charging points for 100 000 citizens. »

With this important augmentation of public charging possibilities in 2016 (57% more than in 2015), we can hope for a continuous thermal / electric transition, made easier by public and private installations! Because, lest we forget: electric mobility is the future.


Supported by ADEME (French Agency for Environment and Energy Control) under the “Investments for the Future” program and by the Ile-de-France Region.

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