At the heart of the ongoing Energy Transition, BienVEnu is a simple solution of electric charging stations in collective housing that also offers a car-sharing service (self-serving vehicles).

The project aims at promoting electric mobility and facilitating access to charging stations.

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More about the project
BienVEnu: the objectives are met!

Having 10 equipped buildings and over 70 charging stations set up, the project BienVEnu is now well under way. The residents from the 3 co-ownerships and the 7 buildings managed by lessors can now benefit from all electric mobility’s advantage… and from shared mobility thanks to vehicles in car sharing. The project will officially end in 2019, with a full feedback which will be widely shared.

From now on, any new equipment will therefore be in a normal framework, which means outside BienVEnu and without its specific financial support. You are however still very welcomed to contact us for more information.
To increase funding for your charging station project, you can still get the following assistance:

  • ADVENIR: 50% of the charging point’s pre-tax price, up to 960€
  • CITE: 30% of the charging point’s pre-tax price, except from price of labour, only for individuals
  • MAIRIE PARIS: 50% of the collective infrastructure’s pre-tax price, up to 4000€, only for car parks in Paris
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Supported by ADEME (French Agency for Environment and Energy Control) under the “Investments for the Future” program and by the Ile-de-France Region.

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